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The BEST way to book the BEST house cleaners.
With the PINCH app, you get fast, affordable, quality cleaning services every time - happiness guaranteed. Whether you are looking for a cleaner to spruce up your home quickly, need a deep clean, or want a reccuring cleaning service, PINCH is the answer. We vet & pre-screen all of our cleaners so you can trust that you are getting the BEST in your area. The app makes it convenient for you to book a cleaning anytime on YOUR schedule.
designed for you.
Guaranteed. Your happiness is our top priority. Never be disappointed with a home cleaning again.
Affordable. No more haggling, no more negotiating. Our prices are always set low to benefit you.
Convenient. Get a cleaner when you need one. PINCH gives you options - book a cleaner on your schedule.

With PINCH you have the ability to hire a new cleaner with each cleaning, or request a repeat cleaner you love! Either way, we guarantee your happiness.

Trusted and professional cleaners.

Payment with just a click.

Our prices are always competitive - see instantly how much your cleaning will cost. Once a job is complete to your satisfaction, approve the cleaning within the app and your payment is transferred! Never any haggling over prices.

Scheduling made easy.

Use the PINCH calendar to select a cleaning time that works for you. Same day, or two weeks from now. It's up to you.

We aren't your average
cleaning service.

PINCH connects hundreds of cleaners in your area to create the BEST network of certified cleaners. Professional, trusted and insured cleaners sign up for a PINCH account and only accept your request if they are available. Gone are the days of scheduling nightmares, missed cleanings and delays. You schedule a get service. All requests are done within the easy-to-use app, all payments are preset so you know in advance how much a cleaning will cost and you know beforehand who will be cleaning your home.

Connect with a cleaner instantly

The wait is over - request a service and we'll connect you with a qualified cleaner in seconds! The PINCH App offers the fastest way to book a cleaning. Guaranteed! Simply create an account, schedule a cleaning and sit back and relax!

Happiness. Guaranteed.
Book a service today!

PINCH guarantees each and every cleaning. No questions asked. If you aren't happy with your service, we'll make it right. Simple as that.

The PINCH promise
PINCH has your back! We understand how important it is to have a trusted, professional cleaner in your home. Which is why we've taken the guesswork out of cleaning! All of our cleaners are vetted, insured and bonded. So what does that mean? Well, it means you don't have to worry. You can trust that your property will be tended to and handled with care.
We've got you covered. Should something happen, all of our cleaners are insured and bonded to put your mind at ease.
All of our cleaners are pre-screened and come highlv recommended by customers like you. View in-app ratings and read reviews from others in your area.
Rest easy that you are working with the BEST network of cleaners in your area. Each cleaner has been background checked to ensure they can be trusted.
Book a cleaning when you want it!
With PINCH your home can be picture perfect anytime you need it.

No matter what type of mess you are in, we've got you covered. From a simple clean in a flash, to a behind-the-scenes scrub, you have options with PINCH. The easy to use app provides you with the ability to connect with a professional cleaner in just a few taps. Make specific requests and chat with your cleaner all within the app. Have a clean home in a snap!

Get Started and Download the App Today!
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