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Have a Clean Home All Year with PINCH!

We all do it…We make new year's resolutions we don’t actually stick to 😬… Well NOT this year! Consider your cleaning goals for 2023 done! With PINCH, you can have a clean house all year long.

It’s tough to keep up with the housework, keep dinner on the table, get the kids to all of their extracurricular activities and still find time to work on your other goals. PINCH can help you start 2023 out right and keep things right year round. Simply download the PINCH App to schedule a recurring cleaning with a trusted and reliable cleaner in your area. You can choose to use a cleaner you’ve used before OR you can try out a new cleaner altogether! Really there is nothing to lose.

If you want a fresh start this year, PINCH is the answer. We take cleaning to a whole new level! When you schedule a recurring cleaning, you are committing to turning over a new leaf. Your house is guaranteed to stay clean. But don’t worry! With PINCH you never have to sign a contract, or get stuck in a schedule that doesn’t work for you. Simply message your cleaner through the PINCH App and schedule or reschedule cleanings on your time. Easy peasy!

So with PINCH, not only will you crush your cleaning goals for 2023, but maybe you will be able to stick to all of your other resolutions this year with all the time you’ll save NOT cleaning your house! Happy new year, happy new you!

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