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Have a Happy and Healthy Home this Holiday Season!

Is your brain swirling with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Is your house filled with boxes, decorations, and just general clutter this time of year? You’ve always heard the saying ‘clean home, clear mind’ right? Well it’s true! Having a clean and organized home leads to improved health and just an overall better mindset…which we could ALL benefit from this time of year!

Yes, we know you have soooo much to cross off of your holiday checklist, but shouldn’t you put your health and well-being at the top of that list? PINCH, the on-demand cleaning app is just what you need to keep a healthy and happy home for the holidays. PINCH will take care of the house cleaning so YOU can focus on being healthy.

So let’s talk through the health benefits of having a clean home:

  • Reduced Illness - During the colder months, illnesses spread like crazy! Having clean and sanitized surfaces, door handles, and dust free vents helps to keep sickness and germs at bay.

  • Safety - Clutter can cause many safety hazards! Piles of paper, boxes and other clutter is not only a fire hazard, but can cause falls. It’s best to rid your home of clutter to prevent unforeseen accidents.

  • Better Sleep - Mess and clutter clog our minds - reducing the quality and quantity of sleep you get when your house is in disarray. A tidy area and clean bedding provides a well-rested mind which in return leads to more motivation and productivity overall.

  • Nutrition - Being overwhelmed can lead to stress eating. When the mess is out of control it’s easy to find comfort in reaching for unhealthy foods. Neat and clean surroundings inspire you to make better, healthier choices.

Are you convinced yet? Get a PINCH home cleaning and get one step closer to a clean bill of health!

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