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Hit 👊 Your New Year’s Resolutions this Year with PINCH!

It’s the new year and you likely have a punch list 👊 a mile long of things you want to do. With the holidays behind you, it’s time to set new goals for 2023 and we’re here to help. Is having a clean house at the top of your new year’s resolution list this year? Of course it is...and PINCH is the solution!

If you are like us, your home needs a once (or twice) over after all of the decorating, cooking, present wrapping and house guests you had last month. So start the new year off right and schedule PINCH to clean your home. But, before WE get started, here are a few things YOU will need to do to ensure you get the best clean possible:

  • Pack away all that Christmas decor - You can’t get a good cleaning if your decorations, tree, etc. are still out. Make sure everything is in boxes and back in the attic before your PINCH cleaner arrives.

  • Make a list of any extra items you need/want to have done - For example, your dirty windows may need to be cleaned, baseboards wiped down, oven cleaned and your door handles & light switches likely need to be disinfected.

Now, you’re ready to schedule a cleaning! Download the app and select when you want your home to be cleaned. Don’t forget to include any special add-ons that you listed above 👆. While PINCH is taking care of one of your new year’s resolutions, we’ve listed out a few more cleaning tips for YOU to add to your list to ensure your home is organized, clean and ready for a new year!

  • Downsize and de-clutter - Sort through all the paperwork that has accumulated during the year and recycle and file away anything that is unnecessarily taking up room on your desk.

  • Clean out the closet(s) - get rid of anything you haven’t worn in months to make room for all of your new items!

  • Donate toys to charities - Those new gifts will need a place to live! Cycle out old and dated toys that could find new life in another kids home.

There you have it - now you’re ready to hit that 2023 punch list 👊. Have a happy and clean new year!

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