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Keep things clean and cozy this winter with PINCH ❄️

Winter is on the way! Brrrrrr…Time to grab a comfy blanket, snuggle up by the fire and plan to spend more time indoors. But don’t get the winter blues just yet — PINCH is here to help you keep your home neat and tidy so you can hibernate for the season without the stress of a mess!

Winter is a time when you need to focus on cleaning all the things that get overlooked for months — like wiping down the sticky debris that your kids have spilled in the refrigerator, cleaning the vents that have built up with dust because you’ve cranked that heat on full blast, and scrubbing the mildew from the shower tile and grout (because who has time for that?) — yada, yada yada…the list could go on forever. That’s what we are here for! PINCH specializes in all the nitty gritty cleaning jobs that seem daunting when all you want to do is cuddle up in your PJ’s and binge watch your favorite Netflix shows (guilty 🙋‍♀️).

Simply download the PINCH App, and select which type of cleaning you’d like help with this winter. Whether you choose a one-time clean or a recurring clean, a surface clean, a deep clean or a specific request (like mentioned above), PINCH has you covered! You can add-on any extra cleaning services you need with our in-app drop down menu. And guess what?!?!? If you don’t see what you're looking for on the menu, just message us using the in-app chat feature. We welcome only the dirtiest of jobs.

Snuggle up buttercup — let PINCH handle the cleaning this winter! Schedule now.

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