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Pinch: A Smart Way for Real Estate Agents to Tackle Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung and as a Realtor, it’s your busiest season of the year. Time to give your properties a much-needed refresh with some spring cleaning! And we don’t mean asking your tenants or sellers to do the cleaning - we all know everyone’s definition of ‘clean’ isn’t the same!

With the PINCH platform, we provide a professional cleaning solution that’s easy to use, and allows you to manage cleanings for ALL of your properties at once! Using PINCH regularly will not only save you time and energy, but will ensure that your properties are in tip-top shape (versus leaving it up to the sellers or tenants). With the PINCH scheduling system you can easily schedule recurring cleanings, move in/out cleanings, a deep clean or whatever type of clean you need, with just a few taps.

So what’s really in it for you? Every real estate agent wants their properties to look their best, and that means keeping them clean and tidy for potential buyers and tenants, 24/7. Having PINCH clean and maintain your properties can increase the value and attract more potential buyers or tenants. It's a win-win situation! Spring cleaning can also help prevent potential mishaps down the line. By cleaning and maintaining your properties regularly, you can identify any issues before they become bigger problems. This can save you money in the long run and keep your properties in pristine condition.

Why not make spring cleaning a little easier this year? Let PINCH do the dirty work for you. Your properties will thank you, and potential buyers or tenants will be impressed with the cleanliness and upkeep.

Don't wait until it's too late – book a PINCH cleaning service today!

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