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PINCH - The disruptive tech, turning the cleaning industry on its head.

When a 20-plus year business leader and an award-winning entrepreneur join forces to start a new venture to disrupt and modernize the cleaning world, great things happen.

Such is the case with Bryan Walton and Greg Sack, the passionate architects of PINCH. Their technology is a game-changing, on-demand cleaning app that’s blowing the doors—and the dust—off an industry that’s

been stuck in the mud for ages. With an innovative model launched in May of 2021, their app is designed to benefit both customers and cleaners. PINCH is ushering in a shinier, easier, more profitable future for all. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, PINCH is the quintessential story of “If you build it, they will come.” Come as they are, in droves, with tens of thousands of registered users across three states. So, what makes PINCH so different?

PINCH—Redefining the Cleaning Service Industry and Changing Lives in the Process

Serving both B2B and B2C clients, PINCH brings together qualified cleaners and customers in a seamless, eas

y app where customers can get on-demand cleaning services without the hassle of searching for the right cleaner, interviewing, and verifying credentials. PINCH solves this problem with a massive labor pool of pre-screened and qualified cleaning professionals that are insured through the platform. There’s no contract, no waiting for estimates or negotiating fees. They simply download the app, enter their property details, get instant pricing, and book a cleaner.

For cleaners, they get free job notifications, and get paid through the app at zero cost so that they can

keep all their hard-earned money. PINCH eliminates the cost of marketing and administrative tasks. “I’d been in the tech space and medical device arena for decades, then this idea came to me, and we put together a fantastic team to bring this to market,” Bryan says. “We truly are changing the way people look at cleaning and solving the problems that have plagued them for eons.”

We sat down with Greg and Bryan to learn more about PINCH and how they’re modernizing the cleaning industry through disruptive technology.

Bryan, what compelled you to start PINCH?

My entire career has centered around giving people a better quality of life through innovative technologies. In 2020, I saw a significant need for one of the most important aspects of life—the home. I started PINCH to provide expedited cleaning services “in a pinch.” At the same time, I noticed that cleaners are very challenged in capturing clients on their own. I saw the

solution—bring them together in an app that benefits them both. The cleaning service industry has been operating the same way forever. We’re something new, but we’re different, we’re better. You can use this app as an individual, a commercial business, or a leasing manager running unlimited units in an apartment complex.

Greg, tell us what brought you to PINCH and how you’re helping to scale the company.

I’ve been an investor and entrepreneur for years, and sold one of my previous companies, Bongo International, to FedEx in 2014. Shortly after, I started a property management company based in Tampa, Florida. I’ve felt the pain of having to call multiple cleaners to find one available when needed and at an acceptable price. When a cleaner cancels, it’s time-critical because you have people moving in and out the same day. When Bryan introduced me to the PINCH app in 2021, my eyes lit up. I thought, “This solves so many problems for me—and others!”

​Bryan, PINCH’s B2B service model has been an immediate success. How are your customers, and specifically vertically integrated apartment complexes, benefiting?

Our true benefit and what excites the whole team is that we have a massive—and growing—labor pool, and we’re solving a huge problem in the multi-family space. These large complexes are challenged to speed up their process of turning over units. Our technology automates booking of cleaners at the time maintenance has the unit ready, rather than being bound by the cleaner’s schedule. If a unit is sitting vacant, waiting for repairs or cleaning, these complexes lose money. With PINCH, cleaners are ready to turn over a unit the same day or next.

PINCH is designed to help cleaners thrive. Tell us about this.

​Cleaners love our concept! R

ather than spending thousands of dollars trying to build up a base of customers, PINCH provides new jobs in an on-demand setting. Cleaners are provided with an SMS message notifying them of a new job within their service area. Upon review, the cleaner is able to see specific details of the job, including the type of cleaning, service date, and pay. The first cleaner in that service area to accept the opportunity wins the job.

Greg, what’s on the horizon for PINCH?

We have seen explosive growth in the Southeast and have aspirations of becoming a nationwide brand. Additionally, we have seen such a high demand in the multi-family and short-term rental spaces that we plan to devote a significant amount of time and energy in growing these verticals in 2023.

​Greg Sack

Partner — PINCH

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