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Thanksgiving Clean-up is a Cinch with PINCH!

Busy, busy, busy! We bet you are running around right now, trying to do it all before your Thanksgiving guests arrive — are we right? Well, go ahead and check one thing off of your to-do list — Thanksgiving cleaning! Let PINCH, the BEST cleaning app on-demand, handle all of your cleaning needs so you can focus on basting that turkey. You don’t want to hear Grandma talk about how dry your turkey is at Thanksgiving dinner again this year do you? We’re here for you — with just a few taps 📱 we’ll connect you with a professional cleaner in your area, instantly.

Okay, now that we’ve got the pre-Thanksgiving cleaning figured out, picture this…Your guests are gone, Thanksgiving dinner is over and you’ve just unbuttoned that top button of your jeans so you can breathe. Now all you want to do is sit back, relax and watch football! But who is going to clean up the post-Thanksgiving mess?

That’s right, PINCH is the answer! We are the only cleaning on-demand service app that connects you instantly to professional, insured and trusted cleaners. It’s what you’ve been waiting for! Not only will we remove all of the dust and dirt from your floors from the extra foot traffic, but we will wipe down the gravy that has dripped down your stove, remove the cranberry sauce that’s currently staining your countertops, and clean the bathrooms that Uncle Bob spent waaaaaay too much time in 😳… but did you know we will also hand wash all of your beautiful china that you only use once a year? That’s right, you heard correctly! We do it all, just ask…we’re here for you. Cleaning is our specialty and we take pride in what we do.

So there you have it. Let PINCH handle your pre- and post- Thanksgiving clean-up so you can handle Grandma and Uncle Bob! Gobble, gobble! 🦃 Schedule now.

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