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How does PINCH work?


Our customers need great cleaners! Stop paying companies to send you leads - PINCH  only sends cleaners paying Jobs.  Homeowners, real state agents, property managers, and commercial businesses use the PINCH app. Once a job has been created in your area, you receive an SMS and Notification (if enabled). You can choose to accept the job and we’ll put in direct contact with the customer.



How does PINCH determine prices?


PINCH offers competitive pricing based on the location, the size of the property, and other components such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and type of cleaning service the customer selected.  Pricing is slightly below market rates as an incentive for customers to start using PINCH.



Does PINCH take a fee?


Yes. PINCH takes a portion of the price paid by the customer. The price displayed to the cleaner is the exact price you will receive in your bank after the PINCH fees have been taken out.



How do I sign up to be a cleaner on the PINCH app?


It's easy! Just head over to this link, then follow the prompts to register yourself or your business. You will be expected to upload a photograph of yourself, receive a background check, and link your bank account in order to get paid. Want to learn more? Click Here to set up time with the PINCH team to walk through the sign-up process over the phone.



What must be done to complete a home cleaning job?


PINCH offers 3 services. Standard Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, and Move In/Move Out cleaning. See details of the cleaning and compare these services HERE.



How do I get paid for a completed job?


Once you complete the job and request payment on the app, the customer will then have 24 hours to confirm completion. Once the customer confirms completion, or the 24 hour period passes, whichever comes first, the funds are released for payment directly into your bank account.



Can I receive tips?


Yes. If customers give you a 3 star rating or better, they will be prompted to tip you. Cleaners receive 100% of the tip amount after credit card fees have been removed.



What if the job turns out not to be what is expected upon arrival?


If for example, the home cleaning job is far too dirty to be classified as a Standard Cleaning, we request that you communicate directly with the customer. Customers have the ability to upgrade their service (from a Standard Clean to a Deep Clean or Move In/Out Clean) through the app. They also have the ability to add on services if they wish to add individual areas of their home that may need more attention such as windows or the inside of appliances. If you are unable to come to an agreement, please contact immediately and our staff will call you to discuss next steps.



I have more questions. Can I speak with someone?


Absolutely! We would love to schedule a quick call to answer your questions. We can even help you set up your account over the phone if you are ready. Contact us HERE.



How do I receive job notifications?


When you sign up for an account, the app will ask for you to select your service areas. When a job is requested in your service area, you will receive a notification (phone notifications must be turned on) that tells you where the job is located, the date/time of service and how much it pays. Be the first cleaner to accept that job and it's yours to complete!



What happens if I receive a job notification and I don't accept it?


There is no penalty for not accepting a job notification. The notification goes out to all cleaners in the area where the job is located. It's up to the cleaner to accept the job or not.



I'm now an approved PINCH Cleaner but I haven't received any notifications yet. What's going on?


First, make sure your notifications for the PINCH app are turned on. If your notifications are turned on for the PINCH app and you haven't received any notifications yet, it means no jobs have been requested in your service area. PINCH may be new in your area, so it may take some time for our marketing efforts to build up the demand. Feel free to Contact Us if you have additional questions. We value your opinions!



PINCH is not in my service area yet. Can you let me know when you offer my service areas?


Absolutely! We are excited that you want to join the PINCH network of cleaners in your area. Sign up as a cleaner on the app and we will notify you by email when PINCH comes to your city!

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