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Consistency is key with PINCH!

One thing is for sure with PINCH - consistency! A fresh, clean space (and your happiness) are always guaranteed when using our on-demand cleaning services. With 2022 safely behind us, everyone is focusing on the new year, a new lifestyle and maintaining healthy habits. But being healthy doesn’t always mean hitting the gym! The benefits of having a clean space on the reg are huge!

First and foremost, living or working in a clean environment with clean surfaces helps to cut down on germs and the spread of illnesses. Not to mention keeping a clean space that is clutter free increases your brain’s ability to focus - and we could all use more of that! 🧠

With PINCH, it’s easy to set up a cleaning schedule that works best for you. Being consistent in life has its benefits and that is no different when it comes to keeping a clean space. Whether you want a clean office building, manage multiple properties that need to be cleaned regularly, or simply want your home to stay neat and tidy, PINCH is the answer!

We make it super easy to set-up recurring cleanings weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Within the PINCH App, you simply select a consistent schedule that works for you and our PINCH cleaners will be there with bells on each and every time! A regular PINCH cleaning takes the worry away if unexpected clients pop by your office building, new tenants show up to look at a property or if an unexpected visitor shows up at your front door. With a schedule in place, you can set it, forget it and ensure that you're reaping the benefits of maintaining a clean space!

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